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Outperform yourself using an EMS machine

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Electronic Muscular Stimulation (EMS) machines are a great tool to improve sports performance, toning and muscle building.

The electrical stimulation causes your muscles to contract, and in turn, strengthen and tone. EMS treatment stimulates the resting muscle fibres so you can get better results in your training even when you are resting.

EMS stimulates muscle fibres by:

  1. Increasing their strength simulating them being used – even when they’re not
  2. Mimicking contractions in the weak muscles to strengthen them as if you were exercising
  3. Improve nerve conduction rates by increasing usage recurrence of the nerve pathway your brain uses to send messages to your muscles. As you use a muscle over time, the neural pathway becomes stronger, making it faster and easier to move that muscle. An EMS machine improves this pathway by stimulating your muscles more frequently so that your brain learns to find the quickest way to continue using that muscle.

On average, it takes about 1000 repetitions for your brain to learn the quickest nerve pathway to send a message to your muscles. An EMS machine can provide you with enough repeated contractions to accelerate the brains learning process.

With our convenient and completely portable units, you can work on toning and strengthening your muscles whenever and wherever you want to.

Now you can own a personal unit for yourself, with the freedom to use it whenever you like in your own home or when you’re travelling.

Just go to TENS Machines Australia and Get your EMS today!