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Use a TENS Machine for Period Pain

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Period pain can be excruciating for some women; becoming an obstacle to accomplishing daily tasks and having a chronic impact on the person’s wellbeing.

In a previous blog, we discussed what is period pain and how effectively treat it using a TENS Machine ( Read More Here Use of TENS/EMS for menstrual pain – TENS Machines for Sale (tensmachinesaustralia.com.au))

Here we will like to explain how to use the programs in your TENS/EMS machine to achieve relief from the painful muscle cramps that characterise period pain.

TENS for Period Pain

As you probably know, traditionally treatment for period pain has been managed with over-the-counter medicines. But research on pain mechanisms provided the ground for exploring new ways to manage pain. One effective way to manage pain is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) a non-invasive, drug-free method to treat pain through electrical impulses transmitted through electrodes placed on the skin which block the transmission of pain signals to the brain via nerve fibres.

In the case of Period Pain, several studies have demonstrated the positive effects of TENS in reducing pain and related PD symptoms1. Specifically, Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation Devices work by suppressing menstrual pain signals to the brain which in turn alleviates cramps and reduces the bloating sensation. Furthermore, women that use TENS therapy for period pain reduce the use of analgesics and improve their quality of life.

How to Best Use your TENS Machine to alleviate Period Pain

TENS therapy works by blocking pain signals to the brain and stimulating the production of Endorphines (the body’s own pain killers). TENS therapy is most effective when used regularly and continuously, in accordance with the appearance of PD symptoms.

Because the electrical impulses are transmitted through the skin, it is recommended to change electrode placement to ensure adequate delivery of therapeutic relief.

TENS Machine efficacy is also determined by intensity, which should be set to a level that is not painful but still noticeable. The power should be increased throughout the treatment session to maintain an intense sensation and to avoid tolerance.

We recommend two options of treatment:

  1. A High-Frequency TENS (100Hz) program for patients not taking strong painkillers
  2. A Low-Frequency TENS (2 to 10Hz) program for patients taking strong painkillers

The Best TENS Programs for Period Pain

Below is our program recommendation for the best use of your TENS Machine for period pain:

MH6000P TENS Machine Model

  • For patients not on analgesics use P4
  • For patients on strong analgesics use P12
MH8000P TENS Machine Model

  • For patients not on analgesics use P30
  • For patients on strong analgesics use P14
MH8001 TENS Machine Model

  • For patients not on analgesics use P6
  • For patients on strong analgesics use P26

Correct TENS Pad placement for Period Pain

Below you can see how pads should be positioned on your body. As you can see the lower part of your stomach and your lower back are good locations to place the pads in this case.

Menstrual Complaints

Benefits of TENS Machine

Benefits of using TENS Machine

There are many other benefits of using a TENS / EMS machine such as how to reduce back pain or improve your physical performance. They are truly useful and versatile devices.

For more information about the different uses of TENS, Machines click here.

Did you know that some private health insurances provide rebates when you purchase a TENS Machine?

Find out more here Private Health Insurance Rebates for TENS Machines – TENS Machines for Sale (tensmachinesaustralia.com.au)